Talk Summaries

Howard Sackstein | Director – Saicom Voice Services

Giving Clients What They Want & Need

Clients often get fixated on the latest buzzwords and trends. Everyone wants to be at the cutting edge of new developments but most clients aren’t really happy to pay for new technology unless it radically improves profitability. Looking into the crystal ball of future telecoms trends and developments and try distinguish fad from functionality. Will contact centres Skype clients rather than call? Will apps replace GSM? Will POPI really stop SMS marketing and will AVM take over where SMS left off?


Jed Hewson | Director – 1stream

Cloud Computing in the Call Centre

Disruptive technologies are changing the way that we work, communicate and socialise. The modern call centre needs to adapt to accommodate and harness new technologies to improve agent performance and customer service. Jed Hewson takes a look at some new trends such as WebRTC and Gamification and discusses how ‘cloud computing’ is key to enabling these technologies in today’s call centres.


Andrew Loadman | EMEA Director – Clearone

Beyond the Boardroom

Video Conferencing is no longer limited to the corporate boardroom, it has become more affordable, more distributed and focused on collaboration. A global look at the changes in the VC industry, new technologies affecting the industry and what the opportunities and challenges are in the market going forward.


Dominic Cull | Founder – Ellipsis Regulatory Solutions

50 Shades of Grey: Communications Regulation in SA

A look into the current regulatory environment with a focus on regulating in a converging environment, touching on the new political institutional structure, the weakness of the regulator and transformation of the industry. Insight into IPTV & VoD and the convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications with reference to spectrum & competition.


Uriel Rootshtain | Business Lead – Microsoft

The Evolution of Unified Communication in SA

Unified Communications (UC) has been a buzz word in the industry for a number of years but how well has UC been adopted in SA and how will future changes in technology have an impact on the future success and general adoption of UC.  A look into the crystal ball of unified communications with reference to platforms such as Microsoft Lync including a look at international trends and what we may see in the local market in the years ahead.


George Golding | CEO – Euphoria Telecom

Moves Fast. Kills Slow.

Businesses that do not adapt to disruptive technologies and rely on antiquated business practises are sure to fail. A review of human resource management and customer service business practices that the rising stars of the first world are using to succeed in this environment, with special reference to the under-serviced South African SME market and the highly competitive telecommunications landscape.

Michael Walton | Director – Far South Networks


How the WWW is Transforming Telecommunications

The presentation will introduce WebRTC by explaining what it is, and what it is not. A brief history of WebRTC, some of its intended uses and an overview of how it works will be followed by examples of how it is able to transform telephony as we know it today. We will see how WebRTC enables voice and video to take their place as fully integrated members of the new world of cloud and Web based applications, and how WebRTC paves the way for a convergence of voice, video and data.

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